Detailed Knowledge 


Directorship Experience

At Livewire mobile I am Responsible for all aspects of marketing Livewire mobile’s portfolio of products and managed services which include full track download, ring tones, videos, and ringbacks. My teams activities include product roadmap, market messaging, strategic partnerships, product propositions, market analysis, bid & proposal production, financial modelling, pricing and world wide sales support.

Management experience

Responsible for managing the Core Switching Network Group at Vodafone - Malta. Responsible for the three teams who design and look after the IN Platforms and Services, the MSC and associated systems, and the BSC group. My role included the network architecture topology & design, software specification and evaluation, and the verification of new network elements. In addition to this I was responsible for my staff's appraisals, training, development and coaching.

Product Management

Fundamental understanding of the the complete product lifecycle, from initial concept through to business case development, vendor selection and deployment.  I am currently responsible for the entire Ring Back Tones (RBT) commercial and marketing proposition at Vodafone Global. I manage the commercial team that is made up from the product managers of 12 Operations Companies (OpCos). I look after and am responsible for the product roadmap, the commercial and brand proposition, the global project budget and the supplier relationships. I also manage the interfaces to other Vodafone departments and external organisations such as User Experience, Supply Chain and our content partners. The RBT service is seen as a high profile and significant project within Vodafone Global for 2004/05. The service is already live in five countries and is enjoying rapid growth and customer acceptance, with penetration figures matching our forecasts.

IP, Content and Application Optimisation in mobile networks

Responsible for delivering content and application optimisation for Vodafone's mobile data products: Vodafone Live and Vodafone Office. This has included the successful deployment of Gi optimisers (EGO) in 16 Vodafone OpCo's and selection of an ESO product to support Outlook and Lotus Notes over GPRS and 3G networks.

IP, 3G and GPRS

Detailed knowledge of the architecture, protocols and mechanisms requited in the 3G and GPRS core networks. 

Network Startup experience

I have experience from three network start ups in Egypt, Hungary and Kenya. I have been involved with all the technical aspects of the start up process from initial license agreements through to the hand over to local staff one year into operation.

GSM Signalling Protocols

I have in depth knowledge of all the signalling protocols used for GSM telephony and interconnect signalling. This includes MAP version 1, 2 and 3, ISUP, BTNUP, IS40 and well as proprietary signalling systems such as VAP and PAP. I have experience with a wide range of protocol analysers as well as manual decoding.

Core Network Experience

I have gain core network design and testing experience from my five years at Vodadone - UK. This has included numerous training courses in all aspects of network operation, design and implementation, as well as the testing methodologies involved with proprietary systems.

VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol)

I have experience with five VoIP provides who have integrated their system and hardware with the Various GSM networks with whom I have worked. The experience ranges from initial contract negotiation, through to implementation, testing and operation.

Interconnect Accounting

I have designed and implemented detailed interconnect accounting and metering systems which provide accurate and reliable data sources for the revenue assurance departments within the networks I have worked

Interconnect Agreements

I have been responsible for the interconnect agreements, both technical and commercial, with the fixed and mobile operators with whom the GSM networks have interconnected with.

International Roaming

I have experience with all aspects of the international roaming agreements between GSM operators. I have personally tested and implemented over 100 roaming agreements. I have written a complete international roaming guide and trained three teams of engineers in the technical aspects of international roaming.

Ericsson and Nokia MML and DT

I have experience with both Ericsson and Nokia command language from B-number analysis through to GSM charging. I have an extremely detailed knowledge of the data transcript required for international roaming and have developed several tools for automatic generation of code.


I have experience with the implementation of WAP servers and systems and I am conversant wit the WAP scripting language (WML).

Traffic Forecasting

I have a full understanding of traffic forecasting based on subscriber growth and calling patterns and a good background in network dimensioning.

SIM card definition and profiling

I have experience with the design of SIM electrical profiling and the production of SIM vendor RFT. I have also been involved with the testing of initial production batches of SIMs from DeLaRue, Gemplus as well as other SIM suppliers.