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Products and Services
The Gobarcodes service is provided to you by hyperTOUCH Systems Limited. It is a free service and you can see the features that are included listed below in the blue column. We are also able to provide you with the additional services provided by the hyperTOUCH Hosted Service and the hyperTOUCH Dedicated Service. These services are not free but do offer additional featues.
Gobarcodes hyperTOUCH Hosted hyperTOUCH Dedicated
QR code based campaigns core engine  YES YES   YES 
Campaign Creation  YES YES   YES 
Simultaneous campaigns  100 10,000  10,000 
QR codes per campaign  100  10,000  1,000,000
Campaign Modification (Modify any aspect of the campaign) YES YES YES
Campaign Start / Stop / Restart (at any time) YES YES YES
Campaign Deletion YES YES YES
Campaign scan limit (number of times the campaign will run) YES YES YES
Campaign date limit YES YES YES
Campaign counters YES YES YES
CSV Export of counters and scan data records  YES YES YES
Individual QR code counters YES YES YES
Top 10 campaigns stats YES YES YES
Top 10 browsers YES YES YES
Campaign can include web redirect YES YES YES
Campaign can branch based on time YES YES YES
Campaign can branch based on subscriber country YES YES YES
Campaign can branch based on device (Handset model)   YES YES
Customisable Scan alerts thresholds   YES YES
Campaign can include E-mail   YES YES
Campaign can include SMS    YES YES
Customisable “from” SMS number / or word     YES
Customisable from e-mail address     YES
API Access   YES YES
Advanced Statistics   YES YES
Campaign invoicing     YES
Multiple user accounts   YES YES
Context Specific help and FAQ YES YES YES
E-mail help desk YES YES YES
Telephone support     YES
hyperTOUCH Achieve Marketing Services     YES
Defined SLAs     YES
Monthly QR code news letter YES YES YES
Customer Selected bar code URLs     YES
Customisable Android Reader Application     YES
Signed campaign performance widget   YES YES
E-mail and SMS campaign features in conjunction with reader app   YES YES
UE and interface customisation     YES
Daily platform backup YES YES YES
Fraud detection YES YES YES
Platform "Heart Beat" monitor YES YES YES
User Access and Logging for security YES YES YES
Dedicated server capacity     YES

 * PPS refers to “Pay Per Scan” where a Scan is defined as a campaign result successfully being delivered to a user
 * Fixed Fee refers to a fixed monthly fee for a given capacity of transactions
 hyperTOUCH Systems Limited reserve the right to change the feature set and charging structure at any time. Existing customers will be given 60 days notice prior to the change.

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