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Terms and Conditions of Service

These are the terms and conditions which apply to GoBarcodes Services. 

GoBarcodes Services are free for you to use, so these Ts & Cs will be short and sweet, and won't make you sweat. 

The GoBarcodes Service allows you to create and manage mobile 'Campaigns' (we'll explain that term a bit more in a moment) that can link anyone with a mobile phone and the right app who scans one of your 2D barcodes to wherever in the digital world you want them to go. 

A Campaign is the term we use to describe each set up that you configure in the GoBarcodes system which links a <campaign name> to a set of start and stop dates, a scan limit, a <scan result> and, of course, one or more directly related 2D barcodes. The barcode(s) is/are created at the last stage of setting up a Campaign. What each of your Campaigns do is entirely up to you (within the constraints of the service and the applicable copyright, advertising, trading and decency laws of the land), and may consist of a web redirect or a content stream, or other features as may subsequently be provided. You may use them to Advertise something, provide Information, or simply Promote something in a special way.

The GoBarcodes Service is provided to you free of charge on a 'best efforts' basis. No warranties or guarantees of service are provided, though we are certain you will be very pleased by the robustness and high availability we will provide. 

You are not charged for the Service, even when one of your active Campaigns is invoked. Your Campaign(s) are invoked by a mobile phone user scanning one of your 2D bar codes: this triggers the Campaign. The GoBarcodes Service allows you to cap your Campaigns (i.e. limit the total number of invocations) and stop them at any time.

For a Campaign to be invoked, the user will need a mobile device with 2D bar code reader application installed and active on their device along with unrestricted connection to the internet. Due to the mobile device capabilities, the best effort nature of the internet, the policies & networks of mobile operators and subscriber privacy settings it is not possible to guarantee that your Campaigns will always operate successfully nor that all off the components of a Campaign are delivered.

At the time of first registration you will be asked to accept these terms and conditions. You must be 16 or over and registered to use any of the GoBarcodes Services.

GoBarcodes Services may not work with all mobile phone equipments and not all of the services and features will be available to all customers.

Keep your username and password safe. You are responsible for all activity on your account. You must make sure that any content used in your Campaigns is legal, that you have the rights to use it, and please be aware that depending on where you deploy the bar codes, your Campaigns may be seen all over the world.

We retain the right to monitor any of your Campaigns and may suspend them it if we believe it breaks our terms or may cause complaints from other customers, watchdog bodies or government departments.

At any time we may add new GoBarcodes Services, which will also be covered by these Terms and Conditions.

At any time we may decide to alter the Terms and Conditions under which GoBarcodes Services are provided. We will contact you beforehand regarding the changes that are to be made.

Details about the service

The GoBarcodes Services are provided by: hyperTOUCH Systems Limited, registered in England and Wales at 2 Old Bath Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1QL under registered Company number 07228160

You can get in touch with us by emailing us at

You can see the latest version of the Terms and Conditions of Service at this link and we recommend that you print and keep a copy for your records.

Any changes or updates to these terms will be published on this page and if you are an existing user of our Services, we will send you a copy by e-mail.

Your account and your information

To sign up to use the Service you will be required to provide personal information, please make sure it only relates to you and that it is correct. Remember that you are responsible for any activity on your account.

We will hold your account information securely and never provide it to any third party without your prior permission, unless we are obliged to do so by a court order or legal entity within the United Kingdom or your registered country. If we are required to provide your information to a legal entity then we will inform you by e-mail.

We will use and share your information within the hyperTOUCH Systems Limited organization to enable us to offer you an enhanced service and greater set of features.

Contacting you

We will contact you from time to time in relation to our Services and keep you informed of new features, functions and offers. We will normally use the email address you provided at initial registration.

Where our partners or affiliates have services and offers that we think will be of interest to you we will inform you of these by e-mail.

The GoBarcodes service automatically generates e-mails as part of its normal operation these will be sent to your Registered e-mail address.

Using GoBarcodes Services

We are giving you a non-exclusive right to use the GoBarcodes system to provide GoBarcodes Services. The Services are made available via a PC-based web browser. In certain cases we may give you access to our APIs. These Services provide you with the means and mechanism to create 2D barcode based advertising, information or promotion Campaigns.

You as the Registered User are responsible for the content of the(se) Campaign(s), where and when they are run and any follow up action resulting from the invocation of the Campaign and the resulting mobile users' actions / needs or responses.

In particular, you must make sure that your Campaigns are not harmful or offensive in any way. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that any and all applicable advertising and trading standards are adhered to.

As Registered User you are not permitted to resell the GoBarcodes Services, or any of the Services provided by hyperTOUCH Systems Limited, nor provide them to third parties.

We allow you to create, manage, run, monitor and delete your Campaigns. The Services will utilize storage and processor time. We may decide on reasonable limits from time to time and put in place maximum values to safeguard the overall system performance.

The GoBarcodes System has been developed to perform specific tasks and has a number of inbuilt safeguards to protect its overall function. If we detect that you are trying to bypass these safeguards or are deliberately invoking unintended behaviour, then we may choose to suspend your account. If we do this we will write to you by e-mail explaining why we have taken this action and allow you the opportunity to explain what has taken place. Following this, continued misuse of the system may result in termination of your account. This will forfeit any exiting credit (if applicable) and potentially permanent loss of all of your Campaigns.

By accepting these terms you agree that we can:

  • monitor how you use the GoBarcodes Services; and

  • utilize anonymised performance and campaign data for other purposes. These will include, though are not limited to: future product design, feature enhancement, system dimensioning, marketing our services to other parties, providing all our customers including you with guidelines and recommendations to improve the overall effectiveness of Campaigns.

We can remove any of your Campaigns at any time if:

  • we reasonably believe it breaks these terms;

  • we receive any complaints about the content; or

  • it is having a negative effect on the service, other users or us.


To ensure that the Service runs effectively we will monitor the all aspects of the IP traffic running via the service platform as well as all data on the service platform, database entries which are created and updated as part of the normal operation of the service platform and e-mails send by the service platform. We will gather statistics and measurements as well as create log files and backups.

The monitored information will be treated in confidence. If we find something that is of concern while monitoring the service platform or something that might be affecting the performance of the system we may decide to contact you.

Starting and ending the GoBarcodes Services

These terms apply to you from the date you first start to use any GoBarcodes Services to the date that you stop using GoBarcodes Services and delete your account, or the date we end the service, whichever is the sooner.

Account deletion is currently only possible by us and if you wish for your account to be deleted you must inform us by e-mail 30 days before you would like us to delete your account. The request to delete your account must be sent from your registered e-mail address (the e-mail address that we hold on file) and explain the reason for deletion. You should send this e-mail to

If your account has been dormant for more than 90 days, where dormant means that you have neither logged in nor any transactions have been served, then we may write to you asking if you still require the account. If we have not heard from you within 30 days of this request then we may suspend your account and attempt to contact you again. If, following another 30 days we have still not heard from you then we may choose to delete your account and any associated Campaigns.

If you use GoBarcodes Services in any way that breaks these terms or which may have a negative effect on the service, other users or us, we may end your access to any or all GoBarcodes Services.

We may suspend or change any or all GoBarcodes Services immediately and without giving notice for any reason, if urgent service restoration, repair or maintenance work is needed.

We may add new features from time to time and do not have to offer any particular features made available through GoBarcodes Services.

We can permanently withdraw any or all of the GoBarcodes Services. However, we will give you at least 30 days' notice if we do so.

You agree that any cancellation rights you have under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, or other laws which may apply in relation to any individual GoBarcodes Service, will end as soon as we start to provide the GoBarcodes Services to you.

What we are not responsible for

We provide the GoBarcodes Services on an 'as is' basis. Not all GoBarcodes Services will work with all mobile equipment. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that we or you could not reasonably expect at the time you first registered to use GoBarcodes Services or which is out of our control. We will also not be responsible for:

  • any loss or damage arising as a result of any Campaign that you create;

  • any Campaign or services provided by another person or organisation;

  • any loss or damage that you could have avoided or reduced by being careful or taking reasonable steps; or

  • any loss of, or corruption to your Campaign or other data if that loss or corruption is not caused by us or is out of our reasonable control.


The price of Services you buy from us using GoBarcodes Services will be the price advertised at the time you buy them or in any extra terms and conditions.

The price of GoBarcodes Services is currently zero.

When accessing or using GoBarcodes Services from your mobile equipment or computer, you will be responsible for all of your access and data charges from your internet service provider or mobile operator.

When Campaigns are served, the device invoking the Campaign will send and receive data. The owner of this mobile device will be responsible for all access and data charges from their internet service provider or mobile operator.

Legal rights

Nothing in these terms will affect any legal rights you have as a consumer. For more information about your legal rights, contact an organization that can provide advice for consumers.

Our rights

We and our licensors own all proprietary rights in GoBarcodes Services. You will not have any right to GoBarcodes Services apart from the right to use GoBarcodes Services in line with these terms.

General terms

We may allow another person to carry out any of our obligations under these terms on our behalf. You agree that we may transfer our rights and responsibilities under these terms to another hyperTOUCH Systems Limited company. If we transfer our rights and responsibilities to any other organisation, we will let you know. At any time we can reveal any information we consider necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, legal process or government request which may apply. If any of these terms (or part of them) cannot be enforced by any court or other authority, we will delete it from these terms and it will not affect the rest of the terms. We may send you notices by email, text, post or on our website. These terms and GoBarcodes Services will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.


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